Old friends and new additions...

I was honoured when I was recently asked to capture a school reunion between Berkhamsted mummy Catherine and two of her school friends, Laura and Katie. They've been friends since attending high school together in Kent, but now live in different parts of the country.

Completely by chance, they all fell pregnant within a couple of months of one another and this reunion was a little bit special as they were introducing their little ones to each other.

The photoshoot was booked by Katie as a gift for the others (what a lovely friend!), and they decided on a Lifestyle shoot at Catherine's house in Berkhamsted so they got as much time to catch up as possible. 

That's the beauty of lifestyle shoots - I come to you - so you and your children have all the comforts of home and children are sometimes more relaxed in their own environment. You don't have to have a huge home - one of my all-time favourite lifestyle shoots was done in a lovely old two-up, two-down victorian terrace. 

We used the natural window light in Grace's nursery and some beautiful Quentin Blake wallpaper that I might have to find a home for in my own house!

I took some pictures of the babies kicking about and playing together before moving out into the garden to get some group shots, for the friends to remember their special reunion by.

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