Behind the scenes.... at a family photoshoot.

Berkhamsted and Tring Photographers Rachel Powell and Ceri Besent specialise in Family and Newborn Photography across Hertfordshire and from their cosy photography Studio.

Ever seen a perfectly posed family photograph and longed for something similar for your wall? Only to look across at your own toddler/child/teen (delete as appropriate) who is currently whining, covered in lunch and eyeing you with as much attitude as a mini Kardashian?

Yep, us too. The fear is real! However much you want a gorgeous pic of your (sometimes but not always gorgeous) rabble the question of whether it would actually be possible (and not just disintegrate into a frankly embarrassing and stressful disaster) is a very valid one.

But, to let you into a secret, we have actual. magical. powers. when it comes to photographing families (otherwise known as patience, bribery and sometimes Photoshop, but don’t tell anyone!) Every single family who walks through our doors has the same concerns and every single time they leave with images that they will treasure forever. We capture the smiles, wipe away the snot, dance around until they giggle and run around the studio like lunatics collecting up children and putting them back in front of the camera. Ceri has even been known to put smelly socks on my head and make enough bottom jokes to make the most timid six-year-old boy smile.

Just to show you the reality behind a shoot we thought we’d share some behind the scenes pics from a Family Session last week. Now, this isn’t a normal family, this is one of my favourite client families and they have four (yes four) gorgeous boys. Including twins. So this is reality. And so, so much fun.

We’ve been photographing the lovely King family since baby number two, Douglas, arrived. It’s always so much fun, and slightly chaotic but always in a lovely way. Everyone pitches in and we end up with some gorgeous shots. That is the real beauty of there being two of us here at Lightmonkey - it takes the stress off mum and dad a little and we always have an extra pair of hands.

And here are a few of the gorgeous finished images!

If you’d like us to capture your family’s milestones drop us an email to or click here.