Why you MUST photograph your pregnancy.

My one pregnant pic - to be fair he was 10lb2!

My one pregnant pic - to be fair he was 10lb2!

My biggest regret from my two pregnancies isn’t eating so much that I put on three stone (not including baby!), nor forgetting to use my bio oil to prevent stretch marks or even ignoring the very good advice to enjoy my sleep while I could (really, listen to that one) - it’s the lack of photographs. 

As a newborn and family photographer I treasure photographs, yet I have just one of my first pregnancy. I felt like a huge, inflated whale and I just couldn’t bear the thought of evidence of me looking like that. I live in Berkhamsted (aka nappy valley) so I was hardly unique in being pregnant, and I obviously wasn’t that huge because people on the tube seemed to happily ignore my bump *clears throat*. 

I wish I had some photographs to document that amazing thing that my body did

But now, almost two years after my last pregnancy ended and near as damn it to my pre-pregnancy size, I wish I had some photographs to document that amazing thing that my body did. I would love to look at them now. It’s amazing the transformation you go through and never again will your body do that.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a BANPAS seminar on maternity photography with the award winning photographer Damian McGillicuddy. He captured some stunning images of our beautiful model Louise and I was so jealous of those images she’ll have. I so wish I’d had a professional shoot, with someone who knew how to pose and light a pregnant body, to celebrate that amazing thing my body was doing. Damien put Louise completely at ease, and despite being 32 weeks pregnant I’m pretty sure she felt stunning.

A gorgeous mummy-to-be from Lightmonkey Photography

Now I’m not saying you must write a blank cheque to the nearest professional photographer and bare all, but do take some photos. You can always do it yourself at home. Why not take one picture a month to show your growing tummy? Find a plain wall in your house and stand in the same spot in the same top once a month and document your tummy growing. Pinterest is full of DIY pregnancy picture ideas to remember this special time.  If you hate them now, you don’t have to show them to anyone, just keep them safe, look at them again in two years and I promise you’ll treasure them. 


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