Mums get the best smiles - even royal ones!

So The Duchess of Cambridge decided to take her own "Official" photographs - good on her. This might sound strange from someone who makes their living photographing other people's children, but I can completely understand her decision. And you know what, they are lovely photographs, that she, her family and royal fans will treasure.  You see, as my clients will tell you, mums get the best smiles, and the best giggles!

Image taken by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

Image taken by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

But this wasn't about getting the best smiles out of the royal babies, I suspect it was about normality, privacy and Catherine, as a mum, maintaining control in one of the few places she can. 

Why would she invite yet another photographer into her children's lives? And you know what, I hope she keeps this up. It lovely to see the smiles that George reserves for his mum and baby sister, and only she can capture those. There can't have been a parent in the world who saw the TV footage of Prince William arriving with Prince George at the hospital, who wasn't touched when George, a little overwhelmed by the crowd, reached up his arms to be carried by his dad. Acting like a normal 20-month-old with his father, who is obviously there every day, to pick him up when he tumbles and tuck him in.

For the first time in history maybe these royal children can have a lovely, relatively normal childhood, a proper relationship with their parents - something William's mother tried so hard for with her boys. I hope they can keep it up, even if it means keeping the 'pro' photographers away. 

Come on Catherine, show us some more pictures of those gorgeous children!


Rachel Powell, Lightmonkey Photograhy,

Berkhamsted based newborn and family photographer