Adventures out of the studio...

It's so nice to get out of the studio at this time of year - whether its out on a location shoot into the gorgeous Hertfordshire countryside, or to visit my lovely clients in their own home, which is how we choose to shoot this gorgeous family.

Leoni brought her beautiful newborn daughter Florence for a newborn shoot last month. Sometimes babies just won't sleep for their newborn shoot, no matter how well mum prepares them, no matter how tired they are or how many sleepy tricks I pull out of my sleeve (and believe me I have many!) they just won't shut those cute little eyes.

It might be that they're hitting their 10-day growth spurt early, they have a little reflux, an undiagnosed problem like tongue tie or oral thrush. But sometimes they're just asserting their little personalities. 

Florence decided that me and the studio were far more exciting than sleep and, thank you very much, but she would stay awake. 

The beautiful, but very awake, Florence

The beautiful, but very awake, Florence

We got a few beautiful awake shots and some stunning pictures of her and her big sister but I didn't have the variety that I like to provide to my clients. So I decided that we would try again another day. It's rare, but it happens.

As we had a couple of shots in the studio we decided to reshoot at Leoni's home and do a lifestyle shoot. So last weekend, one month on, I paid the family a visit.

Big sister Iris was on hand to show me around and we had a lot of fun playing in the garden and she proudly showed me her dolls house and fairies.

We also got some lovely Daddy and baby shots which were a bonus as Dad couldn't make it to the original newborn shoot. 

Lifestyle shoots are a lovely, natural alternative if the studio isn't for you and you don't have to have a huge, bright, neutral house - we can make use of the available light and the unique features that make your home just that. For more information visit